Iroko timber finished panels in company boardroom

Patterned stainless steel faced panels in cinema entrance area

Unique glass and patterned copper sheet steel panels in retail store

Marble based reconstituted stone panels in corporate entrance area

Italian porcelain finished access floor in company meeting room

Unique filled glass panels in retail environment

Reconstituted stone covered panels in corporate entrance area

Unique glass and steel combined panels in airport concourse area

Raised Access Flooring Raised Access Flooring Raised Access Flooring Raised Access Flooring Raised Access Flooring Raised Access Flooring Raised Access Flooring
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Welcome to Metalfloor - Raised Access Flooring

The home of high quality raised access flooring solutions and more...

With more than 25 years experience to call upon, Metalfloor specialises in the supply only of high-quality raised access flooring solutions to the office fit-out and construction industry.

We are fully committed to providing an unrivalled level of customer service, and are always pleased to assist and offer guidance to ensure you purchase the product best suited to your specific application and budget.

As sole UK importer and distributor for Italy’s premier access floor manufacturer Newfloor Srl, we provide an unrivalled range of high quality panel solutions suitable for any environment.


We stock a wide range of quality access flooring products.


We pride ourselves on providing a first class service with a bias towards product quality and customer support.


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We offer a comprehensive range of products, from low cost utilitarian floor systems through to precision hand-crafted bespoke products, conforming to our customers' designs and specifications. In addition to conventional products available directly from our stock, we provide raised access floor panels incorporating factory bonded marble, granite and stone from around the world, together with Italian porcelain, natural hard-woods, stainless steel, glass, rubber and terrazzo finishes.

Applications that have benefited from our tailored solutions include: corporate entrance halls, directors' suites, retail stores, museum galleries, banking halls, airport and rail concourses, where the need for high visual impact and hard-wearing surfaces are prerequisite.